How can I connect directly to my monitoring unit without entering an IP address, login and password when I launch the remote application?

Imagine you have 5 different AUDEMAT MONITOR units and you need to regularly connect to each of them with the remote application. The easiest way to do this is to create 5 shortcuts on your desktop and rename the shortcuts so each one is assigned to a specific unit.

Right click on a shortcut and select ‘Properties’ in the contextual menu. The target gives you the path to the application. It will be something like: "C:\Program Files\Audemat\GoldenEagleDvb 4.0.5\DvbMonitoring.exe".

Audemat Signal monitoring Goldeneagle DVB FAQ
Simply add the IP address, port, login and password after the existing text in that format:
"C:\Program Files\Audemat\GoldenEagleDvb 4.0.5\DvbMonitoring.exe" -ip -port 80 -login Admin -password admin

Audemat Signal Monitoring Goldeneagle DVB FAQ
using of course the actual IP address, port (default: 80), login and password of the desired unit.